Sunday, December 1, 2013


Throwing all these sticks and stones
Lining all my paths with bones
In my heart I’ve killed at least a thousand 
For getting in the way of isolation

Sweeping up my memories
I run across some stinging bees
But under the rug they go
I can hear them ebb and flow

The tide just keeps flowing in
This might be the bitter end
The tale is ‘bout to stretch and bend
Beyond my house of blood and skin

Still you’re the one that’s left alive
The queen of my humming hive
But where there once was honey
Lies nothing but dark and cold

-Allen Masterson

11 Haiku

Haiku #1

A universe is
ripping us apart, drowning
me in entropy


emerging fractals
along waking eyes from
patterns on paper

Haiku #3

An ancient tree feels
the predator's breath as
a feeble limb creeks

Haiku #4

a sun grazer dies
as electricity arcs
between two lovers

Haiku #5

tripping golden spiders
spin silk cocoon tomb wombs of
kaleidoscope dreams

Haiku #6

a serpent ignites
imagination in Eve
enticing her love

Haiku #7

dew slowly swells on
an unkempt grave this morning
but by noon, it's gone

Haiku #8

structured crystals fall
wantonly from a midnight
black succubi sky

Haiku #9

corporate corpses
in a dim lit den of thieves
clap for a collapse

Haiku #10

salty libidos
desire connection with a
marshmallow sex pot

Haiku #11

from the corner of
my eye I see the world wait
for me to fall down

©2013 Allen Masterson