Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Old Friend I've Never Met

I'm standing in a field with a blue-red dream state spinning its web of fractals across my so called senses. Next to me is an entity that once was a guy who shared the sacrament, but now is a glow that chuckles now and then. In the distance I hear the dogs barking, barking in frustration because something is amiss, the humans are off key. I quickly spit out a routine of a dog's life behind a fence barking and growling at a mystery while its master screams, "What the fuck are you barking for!?" And the baffled dog replies, "Don't know. I'm just tired of eating the same shit all the time." I hear another slight chuckle from the myopic taciturn man-aura to my left (whatever "left" means). "Man, take a look at the sky!" he exclaims, like a trumpet announcing the approach of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I quickly shift my attention from the ground, with its morphing geometrical orgy of blues and reds, to straight up (whatever "up" means) into the starry night sky and instantly understand mankind's ancient love affair with the heavens. But on my canvas there's a little bit of hell mixed in for contrast. Everything in my breath is connected to that! Worlds are dying and civilizations are just giving birth to gods in their image. Ego infested sentient beings are plotting and scheming to systematically lull their masses to sleep while they ransack the souls left behind by distraction. A being is, for the first time, using a language to accurately describe the true meaning of love to an audience of indifference. I take a deep breath from the cold intoxicating universe, turn connectedly towards Greg, and simply say, "Woof!".

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