Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Poem 3/03/2010

In Repose

Dominoes fall through time and space
Cut through checkerboard fixtures,
Nod to the Keepers of Set

Believing they know laughter
Walking in a parade
But if they stop and wonder
Colors help them escape

Every night's a plunder
As an eye finds breath
Things to do tomorrow
Haven't happend yet

Under the stairs I dream
Of perfume and a bottle of red
Bitter taste heeds a call
And the day is erased

De'ja vu of sorrow
Hides in rings of Saturn
While teardrop stars
Drench the myth of matter

She is the other side of me
In fault and favor
Hand held scents
Embed in sheets of memory

We write our songs
With salt and sugar
'Til appetites are sated
And our journeys fade

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