Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Modernity Revisited" a Poem by Allen Masterson

All around, digital clocks involuntarily report time,
HD images turn leaves, perpetually color
Loops of an Autumnal Equinox

Pixelation love affairs, 3D trysts in phantasmagoria
While slick Presidents strut up to hovering tele prompters to
Haunt our broken dreams of an abstracted concept of change

A shoe, a book, a naked man
Can’t shatter the manufactured reality propagated
To enslave us with catch phrases developed in focus groups

Polls read the pulse of dying consumers in death throws
On wireless worlds where words shed their meaning with
A wanton dictionary’s evolutionary Newspeak whisper

Our days burn upon us with solar flares that melt our
Individual icecaps, drown our individual expression
In seas of analog egos

We can only hope to meet on the other side
Of fiber optic gateways, and modem magic
To love in purity, having escaped
To the infinite breath-Nature

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