Saturday, March 30, 2013

Order Out of Chaos

Order Out of Chaos

Images of a pain filled sky accent
the faded taste of midnight's company as
memories of purity mock my house of sin

Mistakes magnify the shame of loss
and pull me under sheets of perdition
where time sluggishly tics infinite regret

Nowhere to go but deeper in the black water
No one to tell but the cold universe of self
as an audience responds with desolate laughter

I struggle against a web of imperfections to
shake loose the dew of my dawn and stave off
a desire to exhale forever and give way to entropy

But my thirst can never be fully quenched
with a demanding reflection of humanity
staring back at me with a scientific methodology

But the comfort of chaos is always around the corner
where she awaits in dreams promising a hazel shelter
and an auburn blanket of delusion and perpetual longing

-allen masterson

©2013 JerryAllenMasterson

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