Monday, April 8, 2013

49th Day

On the 49th day, I dropped through a
crown of ether to embrace deformity
and the discomfort of abuse.
With a twisted leg of human bondage
my Summer never set

Roaches chased my dreams away in a
ghetto apartment filled with smoke
and sounds of pseudo seances inspired
by LSD and painful innocence
conjuring unfamiliar spirits to play with

Racial slurs imprinted upon my neural pathways
giving birth to fear and hate that took decades
to shake because time in a prison reinforced the
walls that divided me from the whole of humanity

The frequency of Om found my eye as silence blossomed
in the midst of madness to stave off hungry ghosts that haunted
cold hallways of societal abominations that may never seek
answers to nothing but the gratification of the their Self

But even in my arrogance I know the hungriest ghost
will find its way on that 49th day, and share my world of
beautiful horrors and follow the path to this page of manifestation
to share the same breath of the One’s transmigration

-Allen Masterson

©2013 Jerry Allen Masterson

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