Monday, February 27, 2012

Mock Orange - Grow Your Soul Away

Allen Masterson

The following music video is by a band originally out of Evansville, IN. I shy away from labels when I can, but I will say Mock Orange's musical styling stands high above most others in their respective Midwestern nook. They are well traveled, accomplished musicians that transcend the typical bar band/cover band stigma which tends to attach itself to almost all quality groups that stem from their geographical location. 

Mock Orange is a cultivated, "alternative"(I know, I know, no labels; I just couldn't stay away) group that has an old soul tone that only true artists can unearth and deliver uninhibitedly. Ryan Grisham's unassuming mandolin is a nice fit for his haunting vocals, and weaves well around this song's driving rhythm. 

Good things come to those whom create, and wait; but you have waited long enough! Enjoy!

Mock Orange - Grow Your Soul Away from Wednesday Records on Vimeo.

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