Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Book in the Face

A Poem 
Allen Masterson

A silicone evolution as pleasant as a book in the face
Wraps its needy tendrils ‘round my wanting ego
Sending unwanted requests for games enough to instigate 
A carpal tunnel claw if I were to full-on participate

Gardens that kill time
Farms that grow apathy
Chronicles of hidden agendas
Between the world and me
‘Cause there’s no such thing as privacy

A question has crossed my digitized mind
With a series of ones and twos I believed 
I had the option to choose, but every time I
Click my mouse someone asks me if I’d like to 
Build a fake city, or play a card game, and I wonder, 
What’s what, and who’s who? 

A play by play of intimate thoughts on inane matters
Achievements best kept in the realm of modesty
Nervous breakdowns are not uncommon symbols of status
As a one time acquaintance graduates to secret nemesis 

But even guilt can’t stop the clicking and scrolling
I now resort to combat by means of passive aggressive post trolling 
With a trollolol sidekick or a humorous squeeze from a tube of you
This all makes me feel better after three years of cornflower blue…. ;)

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