Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kony 2012 Is Nothing But a Scam

Allen Masterson

The truth about one of the fastest viral videos is now coming to light almost as fast as the the video spread. Ugandans are making videos in response, and stating various facts which refute the claims Kony 2012 makes about what is going on in Northern Uganda and the supposed actions of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army). 

The reason for the push to have U.S. military intervention is extremely outdated and the actions by lawmakers only goes back to last year when a couple representatives introduced a resolution in the The House. (Jim McGovern, D-Mass. and Ed Royce, R-Calif.)  The bill introduced was passed into law and signed by President Obama as  "The Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act." Subsequently, President Obama authorized 100 U.S. troops to go into Uganda to help train and track down Kony and the LRA. The glaring flaw in this maneuver is the growing testimonies from Ugandans that Kony has not been seen in over five years, and is considered either dead, or out of the country. It has been stated that the LRA may only consist of about 250 to 500 hundred soldiers. (If it is even still organised.)

Since the law was introduced, there has been little reported on the happenings in Northern Uganda in media outlets, but there has been a Hollywood movie staring Gerard Butler by the name "Machine Gun Preacher" released shortly after President Obama signed "The Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act." The movie was based around the experiences of a recovered born again biker, turned preacher in Northern Uganda and his confrontations with the LRA. The setting for the movie is between the years 2001 and 2003. Machine Gun Preacher was even advertised before, and after its release on the radio network NPR (National Public Radio). 

Now, with the phenomena of Kony 2012 and its suspicious Hollywood backing of thoroughly vested players, a pragmatic, objective observer need only scratch the surface of the ubiquitous internet to formulate a conclusion that this may be one of the fastest, yet clumsiest, propaganda pushes in history; rivaled only by the burning of the Reichstag building in Germany which was used by Hitler as an excuse to suspend civil liberties, and allowed him to eventually take dictatorial control over the country. 

Kony may be the first of many more little bogie men to start popping up in the resource rich continent, Africa. China and Russia have also taken an interest in the region and there is probably a covert race to gather intelligence on many Kony-like monsters whom ruthlessly oppress the fragmented tribal communities throughout the continent. 

How long are citizens of first world countries going to fall for these idiotic attempts to manipulate the masses towards satiating the elite's insatiable greed? I would like to think that there will come a day when a paradigm shift will take hold, and the everyday person will awaken from their lifelong addiction to apathy and vicarious blood lust exercised by war, Hollywood, and whatever flavor of violent acts designed for their particular demographic. 

Should we care about the happenings in Africa? The answer is yes, but only if our intentions are noble (as noble as human intentions can be). There are atrocities happening everywhere in the world on a daily basis, but the one thing that will eventually lead to the ruination of the human race, if allowed to flourish, is our inability to disallow the worst of us to control our fate and intent as a species on this ever shrinking planet. 

The complete fraud that is Kony 2012 should be exposed and a light should be shone on it for the whole world to examine not just as a ruse by a few greedy well placed people, but as a trend in society that has been allowed to go on far too long. To wake up is only a first step; to look around and discern will lead us to a path in this dark forest we find ourselves in today.

A new resolution was introduced by the same culprits that introduced the first law. This new resolution calls for the expansion of regional forces, and placing restrictions on any individuals, or governments, which might be suspected of supporting Kony or the LRA. Nefarious forces are gaining momentum before complete examination can be made by the public. Time is, as always, of the essence. 

Below, I have embedded a couple You Tube videos (Including the Kony 2012 video) and a couple articles concerning the resources which have recently been discovered in Uganda.  

Article about the oil reserves discovered:

Article about the mineral reserves recently discovered in Uganda:


  1. The only good thing that came out of this whole thing is that if the people of the world in this modern day of technology put their minds to it we could change the world. But then you look at over sensualized rubbish like the KONY 2012 and see how people over reacted, and you wonder if that could ever happen. Todays brainwashed public like this "tugging on the heart strings" hollywood style shit, especially when the mothers of the worlds heart strings are tugged because they mention "children". I always have to react with : Well, what about all the children , our own american children have killed worldwide? I'm sure it ads up to more than Kony, Saddam, Osama, and Quadaffi combined.
    Sooo....who's the bad guy?

  2. Well said, my rhythmic travelling friend. Thanks for your comment. Keep fighting the good fight beyond space and time!

  3. That's how I feel. What about the rest of the children? And why do we only get reactions when celebrities get involved? Do we need their approval to take action to help others? It is indeed an issue worth discussing in the open and bringing awareness to. Not some silly hyped up video to make people think they are really doing something, when it is merely for show and there no facts to back it.